What is a Power Hour?

Tired of getting lost in the marketing and advertising world and not knowing what works best for you? 

I help you avoid wasting your marketing money on ineffective advertising.

Get clarity on your social advertising strategy & how to use the right Funnels & Chat funnels to match your goals.

Get the right traffic source to your landing page without breaking the bank!

This will let you make smarter decisions about which platforms to focus on for future campaigns.
I specialise in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, SnapChat, Google and TikTok Ads.

This Hour is YOURS to choose what you want help with:

  • Funnel Strategy / Review
  • Chat Marketing Strategy / Review
  • ​Instagram DM Strategy
  • ​Chatbot Review
  • ​Lead Generation Strategy
  • ​Facebook Ads Review / Strategy
  • ​Facebook Ads HELP
  • ​Google Ads Review / Strategy
  • ​Youtube Ads Review / Strategy
  • ​Website Review
Polly Powell
Polly Powell, 5 Step Funnels - Founder

Polly Strives to use her extensive Knowledge to help other Entrepreneurs Excel in their Businesses.

This session can be used to discuss - 
Funnel Strategy, Chat Marketing Strategy or Social Advertising Campaigns.

Are you ready for your CUSTOM solution?
We can help you! 
Power Hour call is Charged at £197
Are you ready for your CUSTOM solution?
We can help you! 
Power hour call charged at £197
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