What is Funnel Power Hour?

You want a funnel for your business but you have no idea where to start or whats working in your market?🤔

This 2hr Funnel Strategy Session will give you complete clarity on what funnel you should be implementing in your business and WHY.

We will work through your product suite, discover What your customer wants and How you are going to give it to them through your funnel.

This 2 Hour session is YOURS....

We will plan the whole funnel out in my funnel mapping software live.
Including everything that goes into your funnel…
What email to send where and what will go in that email.
where to get your traffic from and how.

How you are going to implement upsells and in what order....

How to increase your average cart value and WHY...
We will discuss your full product suite and how to utlise the RIGHT products in your funnel. 

How to get people into your funnel?

We also discuss what you need to do in the future to optimize your Funnel.
At the end of this 2hr session you will have complete clarity on what type of funnel you should be creating and WHY and HOW it works.
We will also talk about which softwares and settings to make sure your funnel is GO GO GO
Not…. OH NO MY FUNNEL ISN'T working!!!

The connections are not working... EVERYTHING will work like a DREAM!
Polly Powell
Polly Powell, 5 Step Funnels - Founder

Polly Strives to use her extensive Knowledge to help other Entrepreneurs Excel in their Businesses.

You will walk away with a Full Funnel Roadmap to follow to create your High Converting Funnel and a copy of the recording of the call to refer back to in the future.

Book your 2hr Funnel Strategy Session TODAY and you can start building your...

Winning Million Dollar Funnel

My Mission Is To Empower You So you Can Build the Right Funnel for Your Business!
Power Hour Session is Charged at 497


If you Don't Get 100% Value from our Session and you can't walk away with your Actionable Funnel RoadMap Ready to Implement into your Business....
I will 100% refund your money in FULL with No Questions Asked!

My Mission Is To Empower You So you Can Build the Right Funnel for Your Business!
Power hour call charged at £394
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